Top Ways to Spice up your Relationship and Enhance your Sexuality

February 3, 2023

Have you ever felt disconnected from your partner or from yourself and wanted to know how to improve these areas of your life but didn't know what to do or who to speak to about a topic that sometimes in our society is deemed taboo?

We had the pleasure of interviewing a lovely lady who is an amazing artist and sex coach/expert about all things relationship, sexuality and self-confidence – Jessica Illichman. Here were my top takeaways after listening to the interview.

So how can you spice up your relationship?
Well it all starts with YOU! Yep, that's right, you hold the power to change whatever you feel needs to be shifted in your life. But exactly how I can hear you asking? Well, it starts with love. You need to learn to love yourself first. If you cannot love yourself, how can you expect someone else to do the same for you?

Do things that make you feel like you are putting yourself first. Create a self-care routine for yourself and take time every day to say positive affirmations to yourself. When you build that self-love, confidence will follow.

Being confident in your body and in yourself shows on the outside. If you love yourself and you are confident in your skin, that energy radiates to the outside world, and everyone can see it and feel it.

What is sexuality and why is it important?
Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts and attractions to others. Sexuality is both diverse and personal.

Finding someone physically, sexually or emotionally attractive is all part of your all those things are a part of your sexuality.

Feminine energy plays a part here too. Feminine energy is the energy of ever-changing flow that responds to emotion in relationships and searches to feel and experience love. It is soft and nurturing, caring, playful, empathetic, compassionate, vulnerable, sensual, and emotional. You cannot give off feminine energy if it is always constricted through stress or if you always have to live through your masculine energy which is a more assertive, dominant, logical and driven energy. It is important to have a healthy connection with both your feminine and masculine energy. Without having a deep connection and understanding of your sexual energy you may be out of touch with the life force that drives your feminine power. This also works the other way as if we are not connected to our feminine energy or power then our ability to understand and use our sexual energy slips away.

How to spice things up in the relationship and how to bring it up with your partner?
It's all about open and honest communication. Talking to your partner and letting them know that there is something new you want to try that might be a little exciting but scary at the same time. Let yourself feel vulnerable with them and tell them exactly what you want and vice versa. Something you may want to consider is to sit with your own thoughts or journal around your desires, take some deep breaths, spend some time in nature, so you can get clarity before having a chat with your partner.

Libido- What affects it? When are you in your prime?
If you know your body, you may notice that during your time of ovulation your libido may increase. This could be the time in your month when you are more inspired, more creative, more sexual and feel like you want to not only create and work during this time because you feel your creative juices flow better but is also a time that you want to be around your partner more. You know you are going to be happy, feeling great, loving yourself and your partner deeper.

Sex and Periods
Yes, the subject deemed to be one of the most taboo. But why? Why do we shy away, get uncomfortable when we talk about anything related to periods? A woman having a period means that, that month her body isn't producing a child, an egg hasn't been fertilised by sperm and therefore the endometrial lining is being shed from the body. Sometimes you as a woman have urges during your time of the month and that shouldn't be ignored or deemed "wrong". If you can have an open conversation with your partner about having sex during your period and you are both comfortable with it then that's beautiful. This is also a time when you may feel that you need that ‘seed’ from them. If you aren't wanting to get pregnant and therefore practice safe sex but feel in this time you want and need that from them, for you to have all of them then this is the perfect time for that.

Remember, be unapologetically you and true to who you are, love yourself first and that in turn will help you enhance your sexuality, find confidence and spice up your relationship!

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