How to take care of yourself amidst the demands of modern-day lifestyle

October 28, 2022

Women have great pleasure in helping, nourishing, fixing and holding space for others. As woman, we have this natural inclination to be everything to everyone and sometimes we give out more energy than we have. Over a period, our energetic resources become depleted and as a result we feel exhausted, weighed down and disconnected from our highest potential.

I have observed this in my own lifetime and time again as I too fell into the rut and decided I needed to make the change to better support my busy career and family life. Here are a few changes that I have made and hopefully this resonates and will inspire the change you need.

Nourish your body.

In a busy life, sometimes eating becomes secondary. Low blood sugar levels is a cause for low energy, difficulty concentrating, headaches and also zaps our ability to think straight. Eating on time and nourishing your body with nutrient dense foods will ensure that you have the energy to get through the day.

Listen to your body.

As women we ignore even the most subtle signs our body gives us. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and it communicates with us. Disease or signs and symptoms are often viewed negatively but in my opinion, it is our bodies way of inviting the change that needs to happen. Our physical, mental, spiritual and environmental experience is completely integrative, so we cannot think of our bodies as separate to our mind or body. Getting ill is an invitation for rest, rejuvenation or an area in our life that needs shifting or more attention.

Delegate more.

Support is fundamental. It’s okay to ask for help. The truth is you’re always going to be pulled in various directions. Build a tribe of people who support and enrich your life. Be honest with the people around you so that they know how to support you. It could be asking family or friends to take care of the kids while you do something for yourself. Most of all be kind to yourself. Burnout should not have to be the pedestal of a successful life.

Get enough sleep.

Getting to bed after midnight and rising early in the morning is a sacrifice that will affect your entire body and vitality. According to Nava Zisapel, 2018 sleep plays a major role in the restoration of brain energy and normal bodily functions. Cultivate an environment that allows your nervous system to slow down. This could include quiet time, reading a book, screen free time before bed or making use of blue light lenses if you absolutely need to use a screen. Switching to red light bulbs in your home for night-time has been proven to stimulate the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep.

Carve out small moments of rest throughout your day.

Mindset is important for this one. Work on convincing yourself that you are worthy of rest and rejuvenation. Small moments throughout a busy day can collectively support you as you go.

  • A five-minute tea break
  • A few minutes of deep breathing.
  • Taking a shower/bath
  • Asking a partner or friends to take care of children for 15 minutes while you do something for yourself.
  • Dance, shake, walk outside- move your body. Move your body in a way that you enjoy to shake off that buzzing energy that you can sometimes feel.

Let's make a shift, what's your first move?

How often can we say we have really created a shift in our lives?

If you tend to stop and start with personal habits and development remember this rule of thumb - create change one habit at a time.

Avoid overwhelm and pick one area to shift and work on. Start where you think you will create most impact. Next, create accountability to keep you on track with your goals.

Here is an affirmation that will set you up for your transformation:

“I am cultivating a life that is beautiful, nourishing and supports me to be the best version of myself".

If you feel like you need support in your busy lifestyle, our expert practitioners can help you achieve your wellness goals. Contact our clinic on (03) 8383 6500.

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Thank you for reading my blog,
Ferial from ONA Essendon