Beetroot Juice Recipe

October 10, 2022

We love this hero ingredient! Beetroot is one of the most Down-to-Earth veggies.

It is so underrated so we wanted to share how awesome it is and give you yummy recipe to try at home.

Beetroots contains glutathione, an antioxidant which is essential in liver phase II detoxification, this beetroot juice will help the body to activate liver enzymes, cleanse and support the liver efficiently and prevent toxin accumulation. Beetroots also assist in increasing bile production which is also important in supporting the livers detoxification function as well as assisting in to reducing any inflammation in the body.

Beetroot can be useful for fertility health as it allows nutrient rich blood to travel to the ovaries and uterus. It is also important after menstruation as it rebuilds blood and encourages growth of healthy endometrium.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, beetroots treat:

- Qi deficiency which can cause hormone imbalances
- Qi stagnation which can cause both mood and hormonal imbalances
- Blood stagnation which can cause fertility issues due to the poor circulation in the body

Beetroot Juice

Serves: 1

3 apples
1 beetroot
2 carrots
1 celery stalk
1/2 lemon (peeled)
1 piece of ginger (roughly length of thumb)


Add all ingredients into a juicer and mix together until smooth

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that any form of cleanse should be done during spring season. To provide the best opportunity to detoxify and cleanse the body from a heavier winter season when we love to enjoy those delicious carbs, breads, meats.

Caution: A cleanse is not advised during pregnancy. Please consult one of our practitioners.