3 Steps to Healthy Goal Setting for Your Dream Manifestation

September 12, 2022

Setting goals used to be a rigid exercise for me, it used to be a logical progression to the next step. In fact, we are packing up our house to move to a new house and I found my old notes and ideas. When I read back it was clear to me, there was a time in my life I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. Or perhaps, I wasn’t connected to my goals on a spiritual level. I wrote all the things that others expected me to write and some things have manifested and others did not. So it made me re-evaluate and reflect. How did I make things happen? How did I evolve to be more in line with what I wanted?  

Working with my patients and also constantly working on myself, I have observed over 12 years now that be it a health goal or a career goal, when the individual person makes up their MIND they will make it happen.  

I have witnessed my patients fulfil their dream in their careers, relationships and income, their family goals and birth outcomes. I have seen healing happened where healing was not expected by some, and I have seen people grow and thrive when others didn’t think they could.  

On the personal level, I moved through hardship too, health scares like my breast lump in 2011, my miscarriage and also manifested wins, huge wins, like finding a way to help our patients when it most mattered through the pandemic, manifesting my dream family, and manifesting my dream team (more still to come), our dream home in the midst the uncertainty of the market.  

There is common reasons for all of this and I wanted to share just 3 main tips with you today that helped me keep the important things front of mind.  

  1. 1
    Discover what wakes me up in the morning. Like really discover it. I know you may have a job you like and the pay you like. But the thing is if it doesn’t fill your soul it will not be enough. So I had to dig deep and understand myself. And back at the start I had to fake it in a sense to try things in my life that maybe didn’t bring me joy just to see the contrast of what would feel better. One step at a time I got closer and closer. Until the pieces of the puzzle came together faster and stronger than ever. Once you know you know and you cannot ignore it. 
  2. 2
    Let it in. Once you know you literally cannot ignore it, other things, other goals no longer make sense and you have no choice but follow your joy. Logically speaking, I like to stay safe, secure and know that I am ticking all the boxes for people in my life to be well and happy. But, in the past I failed to remember the most important person. Now I follow what feels good for me, what brings me joy first. And that leads me to places that I have never known, the most beautiful most fulfilling places. 
  3. 3
    See it and trust it. I know what you are thinking. But what if I have obstacles, what if I don’t have the funds? What if I don’t have the partner or the support to have that dream family or get that dream job or the dream house? I know. I’ve been there too. It is terrifying to let go of all the fears. And the thing that really helped was narrowing down and visualising that ONE BIG thing. That one goal that you need, must have. I would draw a picture, a mandala, create a vision board and on a bad day this would anchor me and on a good day it would be the shinning light that lit up my spirit to the greatest heights. We think in pictures. So what is your picture? Put it in front of you so your mind can keep coming back to it. Did you know that your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not? As long as you believe that is real your goal will find its way into your life.

Are you hooked? I know, it’s incredible and it’s something we want to share with our community.  

Your life and your health are the most important gifts and let's start treating more than way.  

Goal setting doesn’t need to be dry, I know men and women do it differently. But your goals will be more powerful if you are connected to them, if you can see them and you are relaxed and in your joy bubble.  

So for this reason, this month we have a very special event planned for you.  

Your Spring Health Goal Setting like you have never done it before.  

Come and join us at our beautifully renovated ONA clinic in Essendon.  

October 4th 10am – 12pm  
Only 10 places available so please act fast.  

Some lunch, goodies and special offers up for grabs, so do spread the word to people in your life who need it most right now. This event can the shift you are looking for.  

Yours in health,