10 things you should know about your body before conception

January 9, 2023

Say these words: “I am perfectly designed to create, to love, to connect and to heal, I am in tune with my body, I love my body and my body loves me, my body is working for me, I am fertile, I am possible, I am well and I return to a state of balance quickly. Every cell in my body has the capacity to heal and regenerate at a fast rate, I am primed for fertility, my partner is primed for fertility.

How do you feel saying this? Does this feel good? Do you feel open to this idea of yourself?

Imagine right now, your bestie, your sister or your daughter they open a magazine and this is what they read:

  • Stat. 1 in 6 couples experience infertility.
  • Stat. Miscarriage is likely 1 in 5 women.
  • Stat. By the age of 43 women conceiving with own eggs is about 5% chance and by 45 it's 1%.
  • Stat. 40% of women with infertility issues struggle to ovulate.

How do you feel reading this or knowing this?

What is this teaching you about you, what is she learning about herself when she reads this news?

Well, if she is like most women we treat at ONA clinic including myself, then the information that slowly creeps into our brains from external sources, evidence, medical opinion, other people’s opinions will slowly but surely make us believe that we are broken, we are set out to fail, we are not worthy, we did it wrong and did not prioritise life right, and that we are unhealthy, unloved and let’s face it we are failures.

How does that feel? It’s not a good feeling, it personally makes me mad, sad and crazy really, unjust, unfair and I feel the need to throw a big tantrum and get someone else to take the blame, anyone, the closest person, probably my husband, he drinks way more coffee than me why is this fertility issue my problem anyway? I’m going to make him go on a cleanse!

This is how I felt before conception. And I see it, these days it’s even worse out there. I do less acupuncture and more mindset work with women, we work with classical acupuncture to release the mental limitations first. Yes we also regulate the body too, because the fact is your body follows your mental and emotional state.

So, all this time I’m talking anywhere between 2 to 12 months of trying, women are focusing on looking for the problem that they need to fix in themselves. I get it, there are extreme cases. But, some of my favourite cases are the ones with no reason at all. Pronounced Infertile. For no reason found. Or at 16 pronounced in need of the pill. These cases are my favourite because these women or girls believe the most that they are broken. And I know how important it is to change this.

The most important thing is to know yourself best. Remember? Our mothers told us this. I didn’t really understand it until later in life; this statement was a bit of a mystery to me.

I wanted to share some of the things I believe every woman needs to discover about her body before falling pregnant. This is absolutely not too late at any age but it can save you going through and accepting a lot of false beliefs.

  1. The duration of your menstrual cycle every month
  2. Your ovulation mucus and what it looks like, what it means and the power it holds
  3. Skipping meals and fasting will confuse your metabolism later
  4. Holding your wee for long periods is not healthy, not now, not later in life
  5. Masturbation is welcome, in fact touching yourself is a requirement
  6. Gut health and mental health are related
  7. Self-love and self-kindness are acts that you need to acquire for life and your health will be better for it
  8. Pain is good, it is feedback that no drug can give you about your own body’s health, you can work with it, BUT
  9. Period pain is not normal, and you must explore alternative solutions for your body
  10. Sugar and hormones are not best friends, and your body will let you know about it

There are more items on that list, my draft included emotions as super-power and not changing your body for other people, only to make you happy. Staying active, it really saved me when I was studying and amidst some of my worst anxiety of my life, moving my body really helped. Creating boundaries around sleep.

The truth is I wouldn’t change anything and any lessons that we learn they are our own special lessons we need to go through. And if I can help raise awareness even for one woman out there about the power your body holds and the possibility it carries, then my job here is done.

Comment below and share your lesson that you want other women to know about body connection that can impact conception.

And if you are ready to uncover and rewire some of those deeper fears or emotions or beliefs, we are here for you. Reach out to us for a complementary phone call on 03 8383 6500 and we can guide you on the first steps.

I wish you a transformative New Year and remember, anything is possible!

With Love and Gratitude,
Anna Pino